Be Here Be Now

Breathe deep into your body and welcome to your healing and empowerment. I look forward to working with you and embracing your true presence and light. Let’s get to work!

I am here to be of service to the collective, to expand and empower consciousness through the optimization of mind, body, and spirit. I am here to become the most conscious and empowered version of myself. I am here to help others reach their fullest potential, by guiding them to finding their truth, their light, and their gifts. My purpose, my mission, my why.

Services Offered:

Massage Therapy/Bodywork

My touch would be described as a genuine heartfelt connection, with feeling/sensing to the mode of tension within your body. The moment where the muscles are right at the point of contraction. Right where healing can be made known. Then making the experience enjoyable and long-lasting by going layer by layer, and getting to the depth of tension that your body is willing to go. In that depth there are discoveries to be made through energy, emotions, and traumas. I will honor and ebb and flow on whatever comes up for you.

Styles and Techniques

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Structural work/Rolfing, Sports, Myofascial, and honoring the intuitive intelligence of my hands

60 minutes $120 Investment

90 minutes $160 Investment

Special Deal:

Membership programs are available for repeat clients that want to be held accountability and need some assistance with consistency. This program utilizes autopay on your debit/credit card..

Empowerment Coaching: Individual

Helping you navigate the experiences of your consciousness. Then illuminating areas that are no longer serving you, reframing them, helping you heal with the an array of tools. Then collaborating together to create momentum and a strong foundation for change with action and accountability.

Investment: 60 min $100

First time client special: 30 minutes 30 dollars.

Membership deals with autopay to keep you accountable, honor the value of consistency.

Topics open to discovery:

Relationships, Inner Child, Abuse and Trauma, People Pleasing, Co-dependent, Sexual Trauma, Spirituality, Purpose, Abandonment, Attachment,

Empowerment Coaching Online: Monthly Program( 4/6 spots remaining)

This program is not for the faint of heart, and will keep you accountable for stepping into your dreams and authentic expression of who you are. This is a team effort and will come down to the willingness to give, willingness to commit and the willingness to surrender to the process,. Honor yourself and choose your greatness. LETS GO!

We will discover patterns within your psyche that are no longer serving you. We will create safety and radical truth to help you surrender and let those go with integrity and love. We will help you program more empowering paradigms that will help you step into your empowerment with accountability, consistency and radical support.

What included:

Personalized daily affirmations and inspiration

10 minute Daily Video call for authentic support, and accountability for the established daily objectives.

Once a week, 60 minute video call to ground, unwind, and create an authentic container of truth, growth, and empowerment. Establishing routines, challenges, and hw for the week

Investment $1,000

Online Masculine Empowerment group:(2 hrs, 1 a week) 5 spots remaining Men only

Are you looking to help develop your masculinity and develop the relationship with a group of brothers that will hold space for you and honor your journey as a man and a as being? Then look no further.

We will be holding space for each other and learning how to become the best man within ourself, so the community around us will elevate and feel the structure, support and integrity of what we are offering.

What’s included:

A sacred container to grow and establish your connection to masculinity

Principles and routines to step into your highest expression of yourself

Investment: $30 per person


My philosophy is every person has a unique genetic makeup, holding patterns, and experiences that are being stored within the body, and within the mind. To get the most impact and empowerment from the work, it is imperative to come in with the mindset, that you are responsible for your own healing. You are responsible for your own empowerment. I am simply a guide who will help you navigate through your health journey. Whether you are looking to destress and become grounded in this beautiful Sedona environment, or want to go deeper and address some of the foundational imbalances of your being to bring about alignment and harmony, my hands, heart, and soul can provide.

“Awareness precedes transformation”