Services Offered


Swedish Massage: Relaxing, nurturing energy that is designed to focus on the superficial layers of the body. This style will focus more on enjoyment and flow through the fields of the body. Focusing on more of the superficial layers of the body.

Therapeutic Massage: Therapeutic Massage: This style is focusing on the superficial and medial layers of the body, while incorporating movements that focus on bringing your body/being into alignment

Deep Tissue Massage: This style of bodywork is focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and opens all of the tools that I have at my disposal to address the non-optimal parts of the body. This style is aggressive, and will have you be an active participate in your healing.

Sports Massage: Sports Massage: This style of massage is very aggressive, focusing on creating an energizing massage experience that will keep you feeling energized, and focusing on athletic optimization

Chair massage: This style of massage is fully clothed and can be utilized almost anywhere. This is more so catered towards events, conferences, and spaces where a table might not be the most advantageous.

Structural Integration/Rolfing Series( 10 Sessions): This is a potent and powerful deep style of bodywork that focuses on the fascia planes of the body to bring alignment and wholeness to the individual. Each session focuses on a particular area of the body, while integrating the alignment and structural of the whole body. This is medical and therapeutic style and is the most effective form of bodywork for the time that’s allotted.

10 sessions $ 1800 60 minutes each

Counseling/ Mentoring

With the mentoring and the coaching my mission is to fully understand where you are coming from, to listen authentically and to truly emphasize your point of view and experience. Then to compassionately guide and give reframing to help you step into your light, into your consciousness, into your authenticity of who you are as a person. All experiences, emotions, feelings, thoughts are honored and welcomed. This can be done in office or online through Zoom/FaceTime

Individual Empowerment Counseling 60 minutes:

I want to fully understand who you are as a person, to listen with integrity and intention, and to be a mirror for reflection, insights, and growth. Let’s work together to help you succeed and thrive in your life and in your health journey.

Individual Empowerment Coaching 30 days:

This is a powerful protocol to discover more of yourself, your relationships to a higher calling, and to get insight and wisdom on your relationships to others. We will go over some goals and needs to help you step into yourself, then the most important part, keeping you accountable for honoring yourself. Daily affirmations, Daily accountability checks with goals. 1 Weekly video call to connect, gain insight, and clarity checks. Then depending on the areas of incongruncies of being, challenges and routine protocols will be implemented to help you consciously overcome yourself an step into your light

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