Q1- What should I do before I receive my massage:

A: It is recommended to shower and bath beforehand to maximize cleanliness. Keep food and drinks to a minimum before. You will be on the table for at least 60min, and it takes away from the relaxation and comfort if you have to go to the bathroom mid-session. Avoid any drugs, alcohol before because it disconnects the user from the body and can make the session more challenging to connect energetically. Lastly, be your whole self to the session. Let go of the day’s worries and make yourself present to the moment and to the healing.

Q- How does clothing and draping work?
A: Clothing is optional during the session. The most crucial variable for the massage is comfort. Hands down. The client’s comfort is the number one priority. The more nude you are, the more effective and efficient the work will be. Some clients will wear just their underwear, some will keep there top on. What matters is what will work for you.

Draping is a way to be professional with the massage and keep the more vulnerable areas covered. The sheets will always cover/ protect the genitals. The sheet will always cover the chest area with no exceptions unless specific work is needed. When moving from limb to limb on the body, the sheet will be tucked in tight.

Q- What do you use for oil or on the body while working:

A: It depends on what needs to be worked on and the style of work that is being required. For oils( usually Swedish or medium pressure), I enjoy using Johobo oil or Almond oil. Johobo is one of the most versatile and optimal health for most individuals because chemically, it most resembles the natural skin texture.
For more deeper work, I enjoy using a Massage Crème. Here the specifics of this brand. The creme is lovely because it’s versatile, allows a good grip on the tissues, and allows optimal foot and handwork. Sometimes with oils, there is slippage that can occur and take away from the efficacy of the work.

For specific pain, I have a heated cream that makes the area filled with a heat sensation and can help expedite healing and wellness to the site.

For burns, because it’s Arizona, and the sun can be BRUTAL. I have some aloe vera gel that will help soothe that heat.
For cuts, bruises, and abrasions, I like using Manuka Honey on the area of concern to help promote healing and wellness to the site.
I do like to incorporate various essential oils based on what needs to be done. Usually, eucalyptus during the beginning of the session because it helps clear the nasal passageway and created more opportunities for deep breathing during the session. Then I like to incorporate lavender when flipping over to relax and calm to get the session. Lastly, for a rejuvenating final experience, I like to use a rose facial mist to get a sense of completeness during the session.
These are not required and can make special accommodations based on the client’s needs.

Q- What type of music will be played during the session?
A- This music has the power to change your life….Massage lofi beats. The tempo and tune promoted mindfulness and created a unique blend of soft beets with relaxing instrumentals to make a blissful spiritual journey.

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