Entry Level: Sedona School of Massage (700 hrs)

This experience was the most profound and magical education experience that I have had the privilege to partake. True master revolves around knowing yourself….do you know your psoas muscle? Can you tell me your bicep femoris, or the rhomboids, those dang rhomboids? The point is, you cannot honestly know yourself if you do not know your anatomy. This has profound changes when using your physical body and gives you the extraordinary ability to fix yourself and not become a prisoner to western medicine or the victim mindset. You didn’t build this body in a day, and you’re not going to change it in a day.

Here’s a powerful affirmation that I learned at this beautiful school—awareness proceeds transformation. I repeat awareness proceeds transformation. How can you begin to transform and evolve something if you don’t even have attention and awareness? Furthermore, deliberate attention and long-term patience are essential. You didn’t build this body in a day, and you’re not going to fix it in one either magically.

The schooling was a 700-hour course with a holistic approach integrating meditation, journaling, energy work, communication skills, and more. You will learn anatomy, and you will touch it every single day. We receive and gave almost every day. God, I miss those days. Receiving a massage every day is magically and potent to the emotional well-being of people

The classmates were phenomenal, and I’m honored to cross the paths of these heartwarming and genuine human beings. You will have a unique and profound bond with the classmates because you get to truly honor their presence and touch them in ways that most average folks would not get to

Here are some pictures of our adventures and I can say I miss these moments. You can not see the significant impact of the moment while it is happening; you can only connect the dots looking back. These moments lead to my purpose, mission, and understand of my body. It gave me hope in my aches and pain. It gave me empowerment over my own body and taking responsibility for my being.

More schooling and training to be continued. I’m just beginning the journey and can not wait to add more experience and knowledge to my craft, enhance my healing, and help heal my clients, one client at a time.


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