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All journeys begin with a single step and that’s where we are. I don’t fully know the exact path that my journey of life entails, but I have a general direction and am willing to take a leap of faith. Yup that a picture of me. Feast your eyes.

 I would like to share with you who I am, a little of my story, and answer the question of why I wanted to create this blog, and this community. Let’s get started. Beware, this channel has no bounds and will discuss various subjects. Some of these still have a negative stigma attached to them. Some of them will speak the TRUTH. Some of them are illegal depending on the residence where you reside.  With this knowledge and understanding, it could have the potential to change your viewpoint on life and possibly your priorities.  Consider yourself warned. As a side note, change is painful. Admitting that your wrong is painful. However, it’s more painful to blatantly ignore the truth and gaze upon yourself in the eye, with no witness present, knowing your not living the life you want or the life you could be living.

I’m a psychology undergraduate that plans on getting a masters in counseling or possibly becoming a psychologist. I am fascinated with the inner workings of the mind, how they make up that individual’s personality, how it interacts synergistically with various systems within the body, and the influence it has on their lives, relationships and their daily decisions. We’ll cover more on the depth, vastness, and complexity that encompass your mind. Some of these topics could include: meditation, mindfulness, psychedelics, cognitive behavior therapy(CBT), exposure therapy, cognitive dissonance and much more. Let’s start with my personality code that is well known throughout the psychology atmosphere.

If you already know what test I’m referring to, kudos to you my fellow psych friends. According to the Myer Briggs personality test(aka the most famous personality test that current exists. If you want to take a quick assessment go to http://www.16personalities.com), I’m an INFJ. The INFJ is one of the rarest personalities and can explain some or a lot of the reasons I’m the way I am.

To give you a small taste, I recharge when I’m by myself but can easily talk with other people. I have inner intuition that paves the framework on how some of my decisions are made. I place a greater importance on my feelings than on my logic. I like to have a plan before taking action.  These traits are based on a continuum and don’t represent absolute all or nothing. Also, I feel that I can get really understand and get along with almost anyone but quite the opposite with me. I’m a lone wolf. My friend circle is very small because I prefer deep and meaningful connections not artificial or surface level relationships. I have a huge heart and must constantly set boundaries before I’m drained or hurt. This leads very well into my next point.

I’m also an empath or a highly sensitive individual. I tend to pick up on people’s energies or internal states of mind and can literally feel their emotions and pain. This really helps me understand what’s really going on in a situation.  I’m very sensitive to criticism and judgement and am my own harshest critic. Sometimes to an extent where it is no longer beneficial but diminishing to my well-being. I have matured and have learned strategies to ground myself, and to set healthy boundaries to prevent becoming drained or exhausted. I’m a people pleaser and love to make other people happy because I know what it’s like to suffer and to feel pain, To be depressed and not willing to face the challenges of life due to not caring. I’ve been there and it’s a dark and toxic place. I will always go out of my way to attempt to relieve people who are in a state of suffering. Through the transformation of my own suffering, I’m hoping to help others do the same.

I’m a huge book nerd and love to read. Plus I’m blind as a bat and do have glasses. Haha four eyes.  A particular interest of mine is self help books and they really have evolved my perspective and helped me get a more accurate understanding of the world and of myself. I’ve read a lot and it’s amazing to really look back. Here’s my bookcase at the moment. No shame it’s messy and disorganized and I haven’t read all the books here but the majority I have.

My top three books that have really helped shaped who I am and have given me the much-needed inspirations to become the best version of myself possible. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Doctor Joe Dizpensa really opened up the eyes to the realm of meditation and how the brain wires itself through neuroplasticity.

Another book that has transformed my life is the Untethered Soul by Michael Alan Singer . It’s a spiritual book that helps elevate your consciousness and give insight and power to living in the now and not living each moment through your past or your future.This last book opened up many hidden doors and has lead to a lot of experimentation.

In Tools of the Titans by Tim Ferris, he interviews elite people in their various fields and figures out what makes them unique, how they view the world, their various rituals and habits, and what their spiritual animal is ( just so you know mine is an elephant, or an owl. I haven’t decided which one yet). This book also further solidified my meditation practice, literally and figuratively opened up my mind to psychedelics, and helped me cultivate a more gracious mindset with the powerful gratitude journal.

I’m a health advocate and have enjoyed exploring these uncharted territories. I’ve experimented with multiple day fast. I’ve tried multiple diets, through vegetarianism, veganism, keto for a short time. I’ve done a few physical challenges as well such as loads of 5ks, a few 10ks, two half marathons, two full marathons, a 88mile bike race, and I plan on doing more. I’ve tried loads and loads of supplements from the wonderful arena of fungi, to the stabilizing realm of adaptogens. I’ve tried the most disgusting roots known to man, such as kava. Seriously it’s revolting, have something to chase it down with. Dried Mango is an excellent option.  I’ve tried some powerful fats such as MCT oils, cod liver oil, CBD oil. I love nuts. Brazil nuts are incredibly powerful with the highest selenium than any other nut. Walnuts are spectacular for brain health and their omega 3 profile. Sunflower butter I can easily demolish an entire jar of the nutritious goo. Seeds are delicious as well and give you the fiber to… more easily excrete bodily fluids through the anal sphincter.

I enjoy health and believe it vital to seek health and wellness in multiple areas of your life if you want to reconnect with your internal energy. I also work at a natural foods store at this given moment of time and do enjoy reviewing certain health/food products to make me better at my job, and to save you guys time, frustration, and money. Moving on. I will be reviewing and critiquing  some of the products that cross my path.  I’ve also dabbled in the spiritual realm of things.

Meditation is a daily must for me at this point, and it starting to replace drugs, and other maladaptive behaviors and brings great stability and calmness into my life. I thoroughly enjoy doing yoga and enhancing the mind- body connection, which allows me to connect with my internal energy. As a side note, yoga was originally designed to enhance one state in mediation. I’ve also noticed when I do yoga then meditate, the life force of the internal energy seems to be greater. I regularly do fasts and am starting to realize the power and benefits of psychedelic mushrooms. We’ll get into that later.

Lastly in terms of the spirit, I am the watcher of the senses and of my never-ending monkey brain. I am the observer who gets the empowerment of choosing how I respond. I have the awareness of my ego and don’t buy into its satisfying and compelling lies. I also know some questions that chip away the armor of your defenses and help bring awareness to your inner light.

If you truly want to know the depth of one’s soul, a particular question can be impactful. What is life? Or put another way, how does one go to living a meaningful life? Seriously take some time and think about this question.  One Mississippi, two Mississippi , three Mississippi, alright you get the point.

For me life is the never-ending quest of self discovery, finding out who you are and who you are not. Uncovering the natural gifts that you have been given and putting yourself in a situation to optimize those gifts and talents for the betterment of mankind. Furthermore, I believe that every day is an opportunity to help enhance someone’s life through generosity, kindness, love and attention. Lastly, each day is an opportunity to experience the most wonderful gift that is; being alive. Each moment is unique and wonderful, each moment could be your last, appreciate it and enjoy the understanding of the impermanent nature of the universe.

Now that you know a little bit about me, let us talk about the most important question of all. Why did I want to create this blog/website? First off, I want to be held more accountable of my actions, more accountable for my plans in my head, so that’s were this group comes in. I know that if I have a community that’s relying on me, it will give me more momentum to push through when things get hard. Also, I’ve come a long way in terms of growth, spirituality, and development, and I know that I bring value to someone’s life.

If I could help one person realize their inner light that is begging to be released or heard, help dispel some of the darkness on their demons, then I consider this a success. I’m an advocate of holistic health and want to share some of my experiments and some of my knowledge. Lastly, I want to create a world where love, understanding, and empathy are the standard, not the exception.

If I have intrigued you thus far, seriously pat yourself on the back. You are willing to have an open mind, and willing to take my hand and let me guide you through this adventure called life. I do have a favor to ask, if you have made it thus far please share your what is life question. There will be no judgment, and no criticism, just understanding and appreciation for the uniqueness of being you!

P.S. the first thing we’ll be talking about is a challenge that transmutes sexual energy, aka the No PMO challenge.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Can’t wait to see what’s to come Hunter! I’m happy to see you put yourself out there like this! I think some lucky people will be happy to hear the things you have to say! Keep it up!


    1. Thanks Riley I appreciate the love brother! There will be a learning curve for sure but it will get better with time. Plus I learn so much more myself as well. Anyways I hope your doing well and can’t wait to reconnect with you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Excited to read more about your experiences. It sounds like you’ve done an immense amount of research and can’t wait to learn, more in depth, about some of these topics. I’m familiar with DBT, CBT and exposure therapies due to working at a behavioral health hospital. The purpose in life I feel has always been a struggle for people. There’s no straight answer and I think sometimes the ‘unknown’ of something or fear stops individuals from reaching their full potential.

    Thank you for sharing Hunter! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Tiffany and giving your thoughts on what is life and some of the topics that would interest you! The unknown is scary and can be daunting. But something that helps me is the thought of regret. I don’t want to get to the ripe old age and only have my thoughts as company, and look back and be ashamed for letting fear dictate my life. I hope your doing well and btw we’re on a 5 and a two haha


  3. Hello, here’s greetings from another INFJ . INFJ -T to be exact, courtesy that famous 16 personality test. You never mentioned what is your type, A or T. Moving on, self growth and mental development is something I crave to perfect, and I just love the fact when someone’s talking about the deep things of life. Well I don’t really know much about that soul and stuff, but I like to discover that path on my own. As to the remaining things, I’d love to hear your thoughts, and yes meditation is super cool. I’ve just started it doing and I’m loving it. Cheers!!


    1. Hello there fellow INFJ! It’s a pleasure to meet you Shounak. I wanted to apologize for the long response time. Unfortunately, I still suffer from self doubt and was going through some things. Great question and currently I am a INFJ-A. To be honest, it could be because I realize the utility of being assertive. You are responsible for your needs and wants and to put that responsibility on someone else seems limiting to me. Self-development is spectacular and once you find the rituals that keep you grounded and promote who you are and who you want to be, the external world will begin to fall in alignment with your internal world. MEDITATION is the foundation of discovering who you are, and giving you the awareness to catch dysfunctional thought patterns before you dive down the rabbit hole of unconsciousness. Good luck on your journey and I hope you can gain some tips and tricks to help you on your journey. Cheers brother!


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