About Me

I am a passionate advocate of health, wellness, and nutrition. I adamantly believe that the gateway to self-actualization, or truly bringing your authentic self into this world, revolves around optimal health. I have explored the unknown and vast territory of optimizing your health, and I want to assist you on your unique health journey. LET’S GET IT STARTED! 

Some of my past health obsessions include psychology( I had no idea what I wanted to do in college, plus debilitating depression, and crippling anxiety seemed like a good fit). I ran a few marathons( trained like an idiot, but hey, I did it). I completed bicycle races( there’s my baby Scarlett, we killed our first 88mile race), plus I’ve dabbled in various psychedelics that illuminated my darkness and my ego. Mushrooms solidified my belief in a higher power and the interconnected nature of the universe. I’ve dabbled in almost every supplement known to man( My energizer drink is cistanche, deer antler velvet, cordyceps, polyrachis ant, with Emperors Puerh tea….you have been warned of the primal power of this drink). I’ve done cold showers, hot therapy, hot yoga( damn, those old ladies sure made it look easy, and I’m exhausted in my pile of sweat and defeat). I’ve done fasts. My longest is 7-day water fast, and the experience was incredible. I could feel my internal life force pulsating.

My current health passion that I am currently obsessed with bodywork, particularly massage therapy. I am a nationally and state certified massage therapist. I cannot wait to help bring harmony, balance, and integrity into your body. I love what I do and want the opportunity to help you align yourself with your health goals.

The world would be a better place if people were getting their massages in, and eating their dark chocolate

Hunter Devlin

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