Meditation: Gateway to Fulfillment and Discovery of your True Self

 What if I told you that to get the most of life, all you need to do is quiet your mind. It sounds simple and yet is exceptionally difficult. What I’m talking about is meditation. Mediation is the practice of focusing your attention on a particular sense, and allowing the mind to wander but bringing it back to the mode of attention. With time, this practice begins to bring forth many benefits and education about the inner workings of the mind. It will begin to take hold in every aspect of your life. Let’s talk about why everyone should be meditating. 

Meditation can raise your concentration and focus on any task. Meditation can enhance your mindfulness capacity. Meditation can bring awareness into the devious workings of your mind. Lastly, it allows you to connect with your true self, which is not influenced by external forces. If any of these abilities have captivated you, continue reading to find out more. 


I’m sure that you are aware of the flow state, or the state in which you are in the zone. Time passes by in the blink of the eye, your actions are effortless, and you simply are being. With a regular practice, you will condition your mind to block out distractions, not feed into disruptive thoughts, and grow this heavily desired flow state daily. This acknowledgment is incredibly powerful. It gives you the ability to immerse yourself in a task fully. It gives you increased information and mental resources to handle the task in front of you. It allows you to embrace all moments of life fully.


Your mind is like a muscle. It strengthens and grows with diligence and practice. As a refresher, most of your mind is unconscious. Roughly 10% of your brain is known( consciousness), and 90% is unknown(unconsciousness). Starting, you might have 10% capabilities to focus on a particular task. With practice, you are training your sub-minds that reside in the unconscious to work together and not create conflict. Over time, the amount of mental resources you have will begin to increase, and with that, more information will be available to you.

For example, say you have never meditated before, and have little knowledge of how the mind works. Then you are instructed to taste an orange. You have tasted an orange before, so you expect how it is going to taste. Recently, you just fought with your significant other, and you are ruminating about that during your eating. So before getting to eat it, your distracted in the past about the conflict, and you are going in with an expectation of the future. YOU ARE MISSING THE PRESENT.

Let’s revise this situation with an advanced meditator. You have tasted an orange before, but you know that each experience is unique and different. You acknowledge what the orange might taste like, but you don’t feed into it. Also, you are grounded and in a peaceful state. The argument happened, but you realize that it’s not worth ruminating over, and you will communicate what needs to be said later. You focus on your breath, and you begin to taste the orange. Time begins to slow down. You are a hundred percent concentrating your attention on your taste senses. You chew slowly and thoroughly, and the deliciousness is permeating throughout your tongue. Distractions are present, but they are insignificant and cannot take your attention away from that succulent fruit. Who do you think will enjoy and be able to describe the experience better?

Meditation gives you the ability to utilize the senses to perceive stimuli for the first time. It gives you the adventure rush of a child experiencing the world for the first time and having the wisdom of already experienced the world.


Another ability of meditation is to non-judgmentally view your thoughts and reshape the dominant thoughts in your mind to more fulfilling and blissful states. With meditation, you learn that you are not your thoughts, that you have no control over the monkey mind, and that what gives the power of your thoughts is your attention and energy behind them. So with this realization, let your thoughts come, let them be, and let them go. With this awareness, you are not watering the seeds of destructive states, and they will lose their power and hold over you. They will always be present and dormant. Stresses and life can trigger them, but with them being in such a weakened state, they will have little effect. Then you begin to water the seeds that will bring happiness and contentment. You decide to lead with love and understanding. It will feel weird and foreign, but over time, it will set its roots in your mind and become the dominant state.


The last benefit of meditation is the daily connection with your true nature. With time and energy, the relationship will grow, and will become a place of refugee, peace, bliss, and discovery. You will become aware of behaviors that heighten this connection, such as; 

  • Eating whole life-giving foods
  • Fasting and allowing your digestive tract and body to heal itself(autophagy)
  • Getting superb rest to allow your mind to heal and rest
  • Engaging in positive thinking and actions that do not dwell on your consciousness. 
  • Exercise
  • Genuinely connecting with other people
  • Prayer

By honoring your internal presence, and not being persuaded by external factors, your intuition will begin to grow and permeate itself into everyday life. This intuition will guide you towards your purpose, towards your mission, towards the activities that bring you love, contentment, and fulfillment.

My question to you, will you honor your soul and inner light? Will you connect with it, cherish it, and allow it to guide you towards fulfillment? Will you engage in meditation to increase your focus, increase your mindfulness to get the most out of life, and discover who you are?

What are you waiting for, the only moment you have is now 🙂

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