The Illumination of Death

Over time with acceptance and diligent effort, the gap between the person you are and the person you are becoming will narrow. You will make mistakes, you will mess up, and you will fall off track. This process of growth is a part of being human and making mistakes. Accept them, learn from them, and take responsibility to change them. Eventually, the gap will diminish, and you are the person who you want to be. When this happens, something remarkable takes place.

You begin to honor thy self because you deliberately choose the life you want to live for, to stand for, and to die for. No matter what external event comes your way, you have a compass, and you have a guide that will make the right decisions.

The world might not understand your decision, you might face ridicule from the masses, but you have something more considerable. You will have bliss and a sense of peace knowing that in the end of things, you made the right choice.

I challenge you to expand this notion further. Now instead of the significant relationships in your life, it is everybody who’s life you have impacted and everybody’s path whom you have intersected with. They will say their piece, and you will be the witness to either your endearing and heartwarming creations or your woeful destruction.

The moral of the story is, you never know when your time will end. It could be the last time you get to play your favorite video game. It could be the last time you listen to the waves crash on the ocean beach with your loved one. It could be the last slice of that savory deep-dish Hawaiin pizza (pineapple does belong on pizza :)). It might be the last opportunity you get to say I love you, and I appreciate you to the people in your life.

With this knowledge and understanding, I challenge you to become the person who you inspire to be. I challenge you to lead with love and understanding. I challenge you to appreciate all of the small moments in your life because it could be your last.

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